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This page lists many of the upstream projects used by Untangle.

project namets license linked modified used in URL
linux kernel GPLv2   yes server 1
debian assorted     server 1
postgres BSD     uvm 1
apache log4j apache yes   uvm 1
apache tomcat apache yes   uvm 1
apache fileupload apache yes   uvm 1
apache io apache yes   uvm 1
apache httpcomponents apache yes   uvm 1
gettext commons apache yes   i18n 1
dns java BSD yes   uvm 1
javamail GPLv2+CPE yes   uvm 1
postgresJDBC BSD yes   uvm 1
java (JRE) GPLv2     uvm 1
clamav GPLv2     virus blocker lite 1
spamassassin apache     spam blocker lite 1
velocity apache     smtp-casing 1
OpenVPN GPLv2     openvpn 1
ExtJS LGPL     UI 1
GeoIP2 Apache yes   uvm 1
libnetfilter-queue GPLv2 yes   uvm 1
libnetfilter-conntrack GPLv2 yes   uvm 1
jabsorb apache   yes UI 1
jradius LGPL     directory connector 1
python-jsonrpc LGPL   yes uvm 1
selenium-java apache     directory connector 1
NSIS zlib,bzip2     openvpn,uvm 1
Emerging Threats BSD     ips 1
suricata GPLv2     ips 1

Many commercial applications use paid OEM technology:

  • Spam Blocker
  • Virus Blocker
  • Web Filter
  • Application Control

Many of these projects also use their own sub-libraries and sub-projects.