Deploying NG Firewall in Amazon AWS

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Untangle NG Firewall supports deployment via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Untangle NG Firewall for AWS is a 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that is launched and managed from the AWS Management Console. This deployment option is useful for example in decentralized network environments that need to route through a remote gateway to enforce policy management, reporting, content filtering, and other types of network security.

Getting Started

Step 1: Select an instance type

Before launching Untangle NG Firewall for AWS, it is necessary to determine the type of licensing model and infrastructure that is appropriate for your intended usage.


Untangle NG Firewall for AWS is available in the AWS Marketplace as a Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) type of offering. This option enables you to select your preferred license type and apply it in a similar way to the software or virtual appliance deployment types.


AWS instances are available in different sizes to accommodate the performance requirements of your deployment. The instance types and their associated costs are outlined in the pricing Information section of the AWS Marketplace overview page. The table below provides general guidance to help you identify which instance type to choose based on your intended usage.

Instance Type Specifications Max devices (suggested)
Small 1 vCPU core

2 GB memory

Up to 50 devices
Medium 2 vCPU cores

4 GB memory

Up to 150 devices
Large 2 vCPU cores

8 GB memory

Up to 500 devices
Extra Large 4 vCPU cores

16 GB memory

Up to 5000 devices

Step 2: Add a subscription

Untangle NG Firewall listing in AWS marketplace
Untangle NG Firewall listing in AWS marketplace

Once you have selected a licensing option and instance type, you must add the subscription to your AWS account. This enables you to launch the Untangle NG Firewall instance from the AWS Management Console. Add the subscription by clicking Continue to Subscribe from the AWS Marketplace overview page.

Step 3: Prepare your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

A VPC is the virtual networking environment where your AWS instances reside. The quickest way to deploy Untangle NG Firewall for AWS is to launch the instance into the default VPC. In the default VPC configuration AWS automatically configures the required components including the gateway, subnets, and routing.

Deploying the Untangle NG Firewall into the default VPC configuration requires that all hosts route through the appliance via a VPN tunnel. For advanced scenarios involving custom VPCs and routing via network interfaces, refer to Configuring NG Firewall for AWS using routed subnets.