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The Reports tab provides a view of all reports and events for all traffic handled by Spam Blocker Lite.


This applications reports can be accessed via the Reports tab at the top or the Reports tab within the settings. All pre-defined reports will be listed along with any custom reports that have been created.

Reports can be searched and further defined using the time selectors and the Conditions window at the bottom of the page. The data used in the report can be obtained on the Current Data window on the right.

Pre-defined report queries:

Report Entry Description
Spam Blocker Lite Summary A summary of spam blocking actions for email activity.
Email Usage (all) The amount of scanned, clean, and spam email over time.
Email Usage (scanned) The amount of scanned email over time.
Email Usage (clean) The amount of clean email over time.
Email Usage (spam) The amount of spam email over time.
Spam Ratio The ratio of spam (true) to ham (false)
Top Spam Recipients The number of email addresses with spam.
Top Spam Sender Addresses The number of IP addresses sending spam.
All Email Events All emails scanned by Spam Blocker.
All Spam Events All emails marked as Spam.
Quarantined Events All emails marked as Spam and quarantined.
Tarpit Events All email sessions that were tarpitted.

The tables queried to render these reports:

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