Expert Mode Installation

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The purpose of this page is to provide steps for enabling the installation of NG Firewall in expert mode. It is highly recommended NOT to use this mode and installations using this mode are not supported.

Two Methods

Modifying ISO


  1. Download the ISO version of the latest NG Firewall version from
  2. Edit the ISO image with an ISO editor such as Magic ISO Maker.
  3. Add the following toisolinux-amd64.cfg:

    label gui-expert
    menu label ^Graphical install (expert mode)
    kernel /install.amd/vmlinuz
    append preseed/file=/cdrom/simple-cdd/expert.preseed video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=788 initrd=/install.amd/gtk/initrd.gz -- quiet

  4. Create a new ISO with the modified file.
  5. Boot off the new ISO and "expert" mode option should appear in the grub boot menu.

Modifying Grub At Boot Time


  1. Boot from the NG Firewall ISO or IMG.
    Install screen.jpg
  2. At the menu selection, select Install and press TAB
    Install screen2.jpg
  3. Modify the line to replace "default" to "expert" in both places.
    Install screen3.jpg
  4. Press enter to start setup in expert mode

Installing Grub On Other Than First Drive

Most devices will have one hard drive. In a few rare cases, a device will have multiple drives and the one selected for installation is not the first drive detected. In those cases, the grub install portion of the setup will fail. The following steps are a workaround.


At the point the grub is installed and fails, follow these steps:

  1. Drop to a shell (Ctrl-Alt-F2)
  2. chroot /target /usr/sbin/grub-install /dev/sda correctly installs grub on /dev/sda. Use any drive by modifying the template wirh "sdX".
    Grub install error.jpg