11.0.1 Changelog

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11.0.1 has some Spam Blocker changes and some minor updates.

Spam Blocker

Spam Blocker now relies on a commercial detection engine from MailShell. After extensive testing internally and on real-world sites, this engine is currently providing the best performance.

Also a greylisting option has been added, which can help to further reduce spam.

Also added a new action for scan failures. Previously when a scan failure occured the email was given a score of 0 and action block message or pass message depending on the Close connection on scan failure setting. Now the messages are logged with an action of block message (scan failure) or pass message (scan failure).


We removed the "unlicensed" hostname/username override for hosts over the license limit. This was causing confusion and driving support inquiries. For now, it will just warn via an alert when there are more devices than allowed in the license.

Other changes

  • Fix a rendering performance issue with the session viewer and host viewer for when viewing large number of sessions.
  • Allow multiple IPs in the DHCP DNS override field.
  • Added a special action for failed scans in the Spam Blocker event log.


  • Fix an HTTPS Inspector issue that blocks new dropbox client even when traffic is ignored.
  • Fix an issue that causes unnecessary traffic delay with teamviewer and RDP in some scenarios.
  • Changed L2TP to only allow listening on one address because only one is supported.
  • Add custom DNS overrides for L2TP clients.
  • Other minor fixes.