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The Reports tab provides a view of all reports and events for all traffic handled by Web Filter.


All Web Cache reports can be accessed using the Select Reports window. All pre-defined reports will be listed along with any custom reports that have been created.

Reports can be searched and further defined using the time selectors and the Conditions window at the bottom of the page. The data used in the report can be obtained on the Current Data window on the right.

Pre-defined report queries:

Report Entry Description
Web Cache Summary A summary of Web Cache actions.
Cache Hit-Miss Statistics The number of cache hits, misses, and sessions bypassed over time.
Cache Size Statistics The amount of cached and uncached web data over time.
Web Cache Events All HTTP events processed by Web Cache.


The event viewer provides a view of all web events and how they are handled by Web Cache. It can be used to view traffic on the network in real time or as a debugging tool to view how Web Cache is operating.

Events: All Event Logs


Conditions can be used to filter the traffic information shown in reports and events. Each condition has a corresponding column that can be viewed in the events viewer. Multiple conditions can be added to drill down and inspect Web Cache data. For a list of conditions, refer to the webcache_stats table in Global DB Schema.

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