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All Untangle FAQs

How do I specify when Untangle Server checks for updates?

The Untangle Server checks for updates between 1:00am and 5:00am for your time zone. If you want to change this default, go to Specifying When Untangle Server Checks for Automatic Upgrades.

How do I know if updates are available for download?

  • If no updates are available, the Upgrade button arrow is grey and states (none).
  • If updates are available, the Upgrade button arrow is green and states (available).

For more information, go to About Upgrades.

How do I download updates?

You can configure your system to automatically download updates, or you can manually download updates. For more information, go to About Upgrades.

Which should I use, manual or automatic upgrades?

The first criteria would be the environment that the Untangle Server is in. An upgrade could potentially require a restart to install and implement the upgrade, which would impact system users for the duration of the restart. For many companies, an automatic upgrade in the middle of the night would be acceptable. However, financial services firms tend to perform all system updates during this same time period (in preparations for the next business day). A manual upgrade may be best for them at a very specific time, so as not to interfere with other processes.

The second criteria would be based on your preference. For example, some organizations configure desktop Virus Scanning software to automatically update, while others prefer to perform this manually. The same holds true for organizations who roll out operating system updates (such as Microsoft's WSUS) to client computers.

If I turn off automatic upgrades will my signatures not get updated?

Signature updates are separate from platform and application upgrades. Even if you turn off automatic upgrades signature and database updates (for Virus Blocker, Spam Blocker, Web Filter, etc) will continue to update.

How can I upgrade manually?

If there are upgrades available you can go to config->upgrades to force the upgrade. Alternatively you can run 'ucli update && ucli upgrade' from the command line to force the upgrade.

I can't upgrade. Help!

If upgrades appear available and after pressing upgrade things appear to upgrade but the version stays the same, this is usually because of a failure to verify a valid up-to-date license. You can call support or for the more advanced users you can check the /var/log/uvm/apt.log log file for '403 Forbidden' messages. If 403 messages are present, contact support about verifying your subscriptions.

I see an error in the logs. Is this bad?

If you see a "W: Conflicting distribution:" type error after running apt-get update or reading the upgrade logs - no reason to be concerned. This happens when stable is being pointed to a newer version and you can safely ignore this message.