Troubleshooting Server Installation

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Video Issues

Occasionally Untangle can not correctly detect video card/monitor settings to successfully display onto the monitor. This can happen in several ways:

  • The monitor flashes and then displays a black screen with a message or login prompt
  • The monitor just displays noise after the bootup is complete
  • The monitor displays correctly but the screen is much too big requiring scrolling with the mouse.
Video Problem

Things to try:

  • Restart the server and select a different boot mode in the bootup kernel selection menu.
  • Try various BIOS settings that may affect video.
  • Try another monitor, and reboot after switching. The monitor should be plugged in before powering on Untangle.
  • If you are using a KVM (keyboard-video-monitor switch), remove it and connected the peripherals directly.
  • Try another video card.
  • Re-burn the CD/ISO at a slower speed, or re-create the USB/IMG, and reinstall.

Also note that changing resolutions is supported, but can sometimes lead to issues. If this is the case reboot the server in Video Safe Mode.