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<span style="display:none" class="helpSource network_troubleshooting">Troubleshooting</span>
<span style="display:none" class="helpSource network_troubleshooting">Troubleshooting</span>
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Setting Description
Connectivity Test The Connectivity Test checks that your Untangle can resolve and connect to http://updates.untangle.com
This is an important test to establish that your WAN connections is functioning properly.
Ping Test A simple Ping utility. Enter a hostname or IP and ping away.
DNS Test A simple DNS utility. Enter a hostname and get an IP.
Connection Test The Connection Test is a very useful tool that lets you check the status of a port on a remote machine.
Enter an IP or Hostname and a Port, click Run Test, and see what happens.
Traceroute Test A Simple Traceroute utility. Enter a hostname or IP and see what's between your Untangle and the remote machine.
Packet Test The Packet Test is a very powerful troubleshooting tool. Select an Interface to listen on and a timeout value, then hit Run Test to see traffic on that interface.
You can filter by IP and/or port to, for example, check if traffic is hitting an interface or if a remote machine is answering a request.