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The tab configures the support settings and allows for rebooting and shutting down the server for support purposes.


If Allow secure access to your server for support purposes. is checked then the Untangle support team will be able to access your server any help your support you may require.

Note: The Untangle server will connect to the untangle support system (outbound). This does not require you to change any settings on any firewalls in front of the Untangle server to allow for inbound sessions.

Manual Reboot

This button will reboot the Untangle server.

Note: Rebooting should not be done excessively. It will not solve any persistent problems. For more information please refer to A Reboot Fixed It.

Manual Shutdown

This button will power off the Untangle server.

Setup Wizard

This button allows you to re-run the Setup Wizard that is automatically launched on a new install.