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Quarantine FAQs

How do I stop sending Quarantine Daily Digests?

In Config > Email, you can uncheck the option for Send Daily Quarantine Digest Emails. This will prevent Quarantine Digests from being sent.

I don't send Daily Digests. How can I keep from running low on disk space?

This is generally not a problem, but if you have a small disk drive or you receive a huge volume of spam, you may need to shorten the number of days that you retain quarantined email for. This is adjustable in Config > Email.

I need to keep a Quarantine for everyone, but how do I limit who receives a Quarantine Digest?

You can decide whose spam can be quarantined, but they will receive a digest if you do that. You cannot turn the digest on or off for specific users once you have decided that they will or will not have a quarantine available.

How do I resend Quarantine Daily Digests?

You can resend digests by launching the Untangle Server's Request Quarantine Daily Digest Email window. Go to Resending Quarantined Daily Digests.

Why are users not receiving a Quarantine Daily Digest?

  • The untangle server may not be configured to send email correctly. Check Config > Email
  • Users might not have anything new in the quarantine. A daily digest is sent only if something new is in the quarantine.
  • If this is happening for all users, make sure that you have not turned off the option for Quarantine Daily Digest delivery.

What happens to email recipients' email when those recipients are not on the quarantinable address list?

If you removed the wildcard (*) and created a quarantinable address list, the Spam Blocker passes but marks the email as [Spam]—for those that are not on the list.

Why does my Quarantine have emails for people who don't work here?

Spammers do not discriminate...they send spams in many ways to get their message into your mailbox. Untangle simply scans email for viruses, phishing attempts and spam. It does not look to see if the message is going to a valid recipient. In Config > Email > Quarantine > Quarantinable Addresses, change the Quarantinable Address from "*" to "*@<mycompany> ". Change <mycompany> to your company name. Only mail that is coming to your company will now be quarantined. Please note that spams may still come in for illegitimate email addresses that correspond to your domain name.

I have 600 messages in my quarantine. How can I go through them faster?

Look at the bottom of the Quarantine Digest. You can choose how many messages appear per page. You can set the maximum number to 25, 100, 1000 or all messages. That will help you go through them faster, but be warned. Choosing a high number causes a large web page to be loaded. Depending on how much memory your computer has available, that may cause your browser to crash...or worse.

I released an email from my Quarantine Digest. Where did it go?

It is likely that the email was captured again by Spam Blocker. To make sure this doesn't happen, go to Config > Email > Outgoing Server and note the From Address that is being used by Untangle. Add this address to Config > Email > From-Safe List. This will prevent Untangle from scanning any email being released from Quarantine Digest.

I get two copies of the Quarantine Digest. Why?

You are likely a member of a email distribution list and the quarantine is not configured properly. Let's use an example. You are a member of a list called sales@xyz.com. The list members are joebob@xyz.com, fredbob@xyz.com and bobbob@xyz.com. They all complain that they get two Quarantine Digests daily.

In the Quarantinable Forwards panel (Config > Email > Quarantine > Quarantinable Forwards), there is nothing listed. That means that each of these people gets a Quarantine Digest for their own email address as well as one for sales@xyz.com. Joe Bob is supposed to manage quarantines for the mailing list, so we should make an entry under distribution list address as sales@xyz.com and its corresponding send to address as joebob@xyz.com. That should take care of the problem. Don't forget to save your changes.

If there is a mailing list with a large number of members (hugelist@xyz.com) and you wish to have multiple people responsible for checking the quarantines, create a new email distribution list in your mail server (notsohugelist@xyz.com) that contains the email addresses for the people who have this responsibility, then set the Untangle Quarantine Forwards pair to hugelist@xyz.com and notsohugelist@xyz.com. Only those people who have the responsibility will get Quarantine Digests for the mail list.

Why can't my off-site users get their Quarantine Digests?

The most common reason is that the Quarantine Digest has a URL that has an IP address that is private (on the LAN). They need a URL that is accessible to the public. You can set that up as follows:

  1. In Config > Administration > Public Address, define an IP address that is accessible on the outside. Make sure to click the Enabled button.
  2. In Config > Administration, make sure that Enable Outside Quarantine Viewing is checked.
  3. In Config > Networking > Hostname, determine if you can give a name to the Untangle Server. Enter that if appropriate. If a hostname is defined and it is resolvable on public DNS servers, check the Hostname resolves publicly box. If you wish to use a hostname and one is not available for you, you may wish to use Dynamic DNS to associate a hostname with an IP address. Refer to Configuring Untangle Server To Use Dynamic DNS for more information.