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About Live Support

Live Support entitles users with access to Untangle's support team via phone and email.

To learn more about this service, visit the Support page. Live Support includes Configuration Backup.



This displays the current status and some statistics.


The Get Support button opens our ticketing system, which is also reachable at You can also email us directly at support at untangle dot com which will automatically create a support ticket.

Please include as much information as possible when filing a ticket, and please remember paid support customers take priority over free support cases. We will be unable to escalate free customer issues to the engineering team.

Support Information lists information will help Untangle Support verify your license and identify your box:

  • UID: The unique identifier number for your Untangle. This number is generated during the install process.
  • Build: The exact build version your Untangle is running.

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Live Support FAQs

When is Live Support available?

Untangle Support is available Monday through Friday, 5am to 5pm. Support operates out of Untangle's Sunnyvale, CA (USA) headquarters, so support hours are always US Pacific time.

What can Untangle Support help me with?

Because of the variables involved in hardware choices and network setup, Untangle Support can only assist you with anything having to do with your Untangle. If the problem is somewhere else on your network we can let you know what we think it is as well as make suggestions on how to fix it, however we cannot help you do things like reconfigure non-Untangle devices.

What will make my box unsupported?

We can only support installs done with the standard installation path; expert installs are not supported. We do not support boxes that have been modified in any way, including installing any additional software to the Untangle box.