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The tab configures the hostname and related settings of the Untangle server.


  • Hostname
    • This is the name given to the untangle server, such as "untangle", "myuntangle", "firewall", etc.
  • Domain
    • This is the domain name of the untangle server. If your company uses "" you will likely want to use ""

The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the Untangle server is Hostname + Domain. So Hostname = "untangle" and Domain = "" means the FQDN for Untangle is If you have publicly available services like VPN and/or spam quarantines you should make sure that resolves in DNS to the/a public IP of the Untangle server.

Dynamic DNS Service Configuration

Several Dynamic DNS services are available to help those with dynamic public IPs. Some ISPs and areas only offer dynamic IPs which can be problematic for networks with remote users wanting to access services. You can not remote users access the server/network by the public IP because it can change at any time.

These services exists to automatically update the public DNS entry when your DHCP address changes. This allows you to refer remote users to a FQDN such as "" and then automatically update the DNS resolution of "" to your public IP when it changes.

  • Enabled
    • If enabled a Dynamic DNS server will be used to update DNS resolution of the FQDN
  • Service
    • The dropdown shows the supported services. Choose the service you wish to use.
  • Username
    • The username to use of the service.
  • Password
    • The password of the account of the service.
  • Hostname(s)
    • The hostname to update with Untangle's public IP address. Specify a single FQDN or multiple FQDNs separated by commas.

Dynamic DNS Service FAQs

DNS-O-Matic is not updating my hostname with the new IP address. Why?

DNS-O-Matic configuration requires in the hostname field. More on this on the DNS-O-Matic wiki