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= Major Releases =
= Major Releases =
* [[14.2.2 Changelog]]
* [[14.2.1 Changelog]]
* [[14.2.1 Changelog]]
* [[14.2.0 Changelog]]
* [[14.2.0 Changelog]]

Latest revision as of 21:07, 9 September 2019

The sections below detail notable changes made to the Untangle software in each revision. If an entry has parenthesis after it, such as (NGFW-xxxx), it references an issue from jira.

Major Releases

Date Changes

Minor builds are newly released updates or builds without a change in the overall MAJOR.MINOR version number. The date changelog shows all changes by date.

Date Changelog

Active Directory Monitor

The Active Directory Monitor software installs on the Active Directory server and is released independently of other products.

Active Directory Monitor Changelog

Old NGFW Changelogs