16.2 Changelog

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16.2 is a release that brings the ability to use WPA-2 Enterprise for wireless network authentication. With this release, Untangle NG Firewall can be set up as a RADIUS Server to authenticate local or Active Directory users when joining the wireless network.

For more information, see the RADIUS Server and RADIUS Proxy documentation.

Bug Fixes & Updates

  • Fix: WireGuard licensing issues on startup
  • Fix: QoS & IPsec issues on Lanner NCA-4210B hardware
  • Fix: Port forwards on 443/80 not working after 16.0.1 upgrade without changing service ports
  • Fix: TLS v1.3 causing website loading issues
  • IPS signatures updated
  • Updates for applications list for Application Control app

Note on upgrades

The RADIUS Server requires UDP ports 1812 and 1813 to be accessible from your access points if you intend to use the WPA2-Enterprise authentication feature added to this release. Access rules are added by default for new installations, but not for upgrades. Refer to the Access Rules section of the RADIUS Server documentation for details.