16.1 - 16.1.1 Changelog

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16.1.1 is a minor release that includes extending the WireGuard app, released as part of NG Firewall 16.1, to cloud deployments Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. This release also includes a kernel update, updating to Linux 4.19.0-11. Being on the latest version of the operating system ensures robust security and performance at the kernel level.

Bugfixes & Updates

  • Fix - Captive Portal authentication page is not displayed for WireGuard clients
  • Update - NAVL libraries are updated to the recent version (

Technical Notes

There is no 32 bit build for this release. It is no longer possible to upgrade or install from scratch on a 32 bit system. Backups from 15.1, and from 16.0 can be restored to a 16.1.x version of NG Firewall.

WireGuard installation from localhost is not available with the ISO image. Workaround is not not use the local interface for installation.