16.0 Changelog

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16.0 is a major new release containing new the new WireGuard VPN application, UEFI support, and many improvements and bug fixes.



You can now install NGFW on UEFI for most modern BIOS platforms.



With WAN Failover, you can now specify an Active Wan interface. If selected, when WAN failover falls over, it will reconnect using the new IP address. When the WAN falls back, the previous IP address.

General VPN Improvements

Restarting Tunnels

Tunnels for WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec no longer restart the entire services, only the specific tunnels enabled, disabled, or modifed.

Threat Prevention


The Lookup now allows you to specify Source/Destination for the IP address or URL to better clarify the difference between results that can occur between client addresses and destination addresses.

Custom Page

You can now specify a custom page for Threat Prevention blocks.



  • Custom block page for Threat Prevention.
  • Log retention configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Change IPsec config without a restart.
  • Change config for OpenVPN without a restart
  • Exporting JSON content columns issues
  • L2TP local directory auth fails after deleting IPsec tunnels
  • Export database vs. export grid
  • Removing remote server from OpenVPN does not close connection