10.2.0 Changelog

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10.2 has evolutionary changes and bufixes.

Major Changes


L2TP VPN support is now an option in IPsec VPN. Remote devices can now connect using L2TP for full tunnel or split tunnel access through the NGFW device. This allows for simple and secure access from apple and android devices without third-party software and allows for forced full-tunnel options for "locked-down" devices. It also supports many other operating systems on PCs and tablets.

Web Filter UI

The Web Filter UI has been reorganized (but remains functionally the same). A new Web Filter option has been added to pass sites by "referer" which should allow easier configuration of block-all-except-for-certain-sites configurations.

Directory Connector

A new agent is now available that updates the username/IP map from the AD server. The agent listens for login events on the AD server and then sends the information to the NGFW. This technique is easier to configure and more secure than the traditional "logon script."

The Directory Connector UI has been re-organized. The "userapi" servlet now has its own tab. An option to disable the userapi has been added, as well as the option to require a secret key in the userapi.


VRRP now supports a list of aliases (instead of only a single address). This allows for sites where Untangle needs more than one IP to run in redundant scenarios.

Minor Changes

  • Administration UI now only appears on special "reserved" ports (listed on Port Forward Rules page).
  • Changed "system info" to "about"
  • IPsec now allows for hostname based configurations.
  • Added a Virus Blocker and Virus Blocker Lite pass list.
  • Moved 'DHCP Server' and 'DNS Server' tabs from Network > Advanced to Network.
  • Removed pagination from quarantine servlet. Added a search option.
  • Fixed timezone issue with reports appearing off by one or more days.
  • Fixed many translation issues.
  • IPv4 columns now sort correctly (not as a string).
  • Made system input filter rules unmodifiable to prevent frequent misconfiguration.
  • Disabling "Block All" input filter rule is no longer allowed to prevent misconfiguration.
  • Many other small fixes and improvements