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The following instructions describe how to install Untangle's next-generation firmware on an Turris Omnia router.

Turris Omnia


Improperly flashing the firmware on a router can brick it.

Please review the firmware FAQ found here


  • A Turris Omnia router (link)
  • USB flash drive ([httpts://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00812F7O8?tag=untangle0b-20 link])
  • The Untangle firmware (Downloads)

The Basics

A USB key (or USB hard drive) will be used to load the image onto the turris omnia. This is only required for the installation and can be removed afterwards.

After this, follow the "4 LED" flashing proceedure for the Turris Omnia to load the image from the USB drive onto the device. Reboot and follow the setup wizard.


Creating the Untangle firmware

Follow the instructions for your O/S to write the firmware to the USB memory stick.


  • Download and launch Rufus imaging utility
  • Insert the USB memory stick into the PC and select it under "Device." (be sure not to accidentally select the wrong drive!)
  • Next to "Create bootable disk using" select "DD Image" and hit the little disk icon to choose the rootfs file.
  • When choosing the file change the displayed files from *.iso to *.* and choose the downloaded rootfs file.
  • Click Start to write the image to the drive.

After completion insert the USB memory stick into the USB port labeled USB2 on your Linksys router.


  • Insert the USB memory stick into the PC.
  • Run 'dmesg' and determine the device name for the USB drive. (example: /dev/sdf)
  • Run 'sudo dd if=untangle.rootfs of=/dev/sdX bs=10M' (where X is the device name from above - be sure not to accidentally specify the wrong drive!)
  • Run 'sync'

Installing the Untangle firmware

  • Plug the USB flash drive created about imaged with the Untangle firmware into the front USB slot.
  • Follow the "4 LED" flashing procedure.
    • The Turris Omnia router has a reset button on its back panel. When you press and immediately release the reset button the router resets and boots into ordinary Turris OS (mode 1). To enter other reboot modes depress the reset button and wait for LEDs to indicate the number of the desired mode. Then release the reset button.
    • LEDs represent a counter. The number of shining LEDs (regardless of the color) indicate the current mode. The last LED transition from green to red. When it turns red, next LED lights up and the counter is incremented. When the counter reaches 12 (number of LEDs) it restarts from 1.
    • When the reset button is released the LED counter blink three times to confirm the selected reset mode. If the selected mode is different from the required just depress the reset button and start the mode selection process again.
    • You want to hold the reset button until 4 LEDs are green, then release it.
  • Wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the image to load from the USB flash drive, and the Turris Omnia will automatically reboot to Untangle.

Connecting to the Router

After the bootup process is complete, you can connect to the router with either a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

If you are using a wired device or PC connect your device to the LAN ethernet port (blue ports labeled 1-4), open a web browser and type If you do not see the setup wizard, restart your PC or device to ensure it gets a new address from the router and try again.

If you are using a wireless device connect to the Wifi 2Ghz or Wifi 5Ghz wireless network using a password of 12345678

Once connected open a browser (Safari/Chrome/etc) and type in

At this point the Setup Wizard should be visible. You can take out the USB key, it won't be necessary anymore as the Turris Omnia both boots and runs from its internal disk.

Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will walk you through the initial configuration of your router. Simply follow the instructions in the wizard.

However, if you are connecting with a wireless device you will lose connection to your router when you change the wireless settings (SSID/encryption/password). If this happens simply reconnect to the wireless using the new settings and open the browser to and resume the setup wizard.


After the setup wizard is complete you will need to register and then you can configure Untangle. Refer to the Untangle documentation on how to use and configure Untangle.