Password Recovery

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If you have forgotten the administrator password/credentials you can reset your administration settings to the defaults.

  • If "Connect to cloud" was enabled in System settings then you can possibly access your system by using the Command Center in your account at
  • If you have physical access to the server, you can reset the settings to the default admin/passwd credentials.

Using physical access do the following steps:

1) Reboot the server

2) When you see the boot menu (GRUB) press 'e' to edit the current boot entry

Password recovery 2.png

3) Using your arrow keys move down to the line "linux /boot/.." and go to the end of the line and add the text " init=/bin/sh"

Password recovery 3.png

4) Press F10 to boot the edited option

5) When a prompt appears run the following commands:

 * mount -o remount,rw /
 * rm -f /usr/share/untangle/settings/untangle-vm/admin.js
 * exit
Password recovery 5.png

6) Reboot the server again

7) Log in with "admin" and "passwd" and change the password to something secure.