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Why would I put Untangle on my ASUS router?

Why Untangle Firmware

How is running Untangle on a home router different than a full server?

They are very similar and actually run on the same software and technology. However, the firmware is built for the home user so it has a different look and feel. It also has different defaults and a different set of applications available.

It says its a "beta" - Why?

Untangle has focused on the small business market since inception, but we have long had a group of passionate home enthusiasts that see the value that business firewalls have in the home. We want to explore the potential of the home market, but building a product appropriate for the smart home requires running on true home router hardware.

While this is the same non-beta software you can download from, this first build/firmware image we've ever released for a home router.

Can I go back or revert to the ASUS firmware after I flash Untangle?

Yes, you can use the ASUS restore utility.

Will flashing Untangle on my ASUS void my warranty?


Will ASUS support me after flashing Untangle on my ASUS router?

Probably not.

Will Untangle support me if I flash Untangle on my ASUS router?

The ASUS firmware is currently in beta, so it is not currently officially supported by the Untangle support team. However, jump on the [forums] and we'd be glad to help.

Why did Untangle choose to support the ASUS RT-AC88U and not many other routers available?

The RT-AC88U provides a very good hardware platform that is (currently) easily flashable.

Will Untangle continue to provide new versions of the firmware image for the ASUS?

Yes. However, newer ASUS firmwares has begun verify that firmware images are "official" before allowing them to be flashed/updated. According to their statement they wish to still enable 3rd party firmware. If this is true, then we will likely continue to work with the RT-AC88U. If it is not, we will only continue support on other hardware platforms.

Will Untangle add support for other home routers?

We are currently investigating several other very good options. Untangle requires at least 512 MB of RAM, which disqualifies most home routers. Also many vendors, like Buffalo and TP-link, also do not allow 3rd party firmware or have stated not to allow 3rd party firmware in the near future.

If you would like to see a specific router supported, please let us know on the forums or contact the router manufacturer and let them know!