ASUS RT-AC88U Configuration

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Some newer ASUS routers are not currently open source compatible.

We recommend the Linksys WRT1900ACS instead. It is faster, cheaper, and fully open source compatible.

The following instructions describe how to configure Untangle's next-generation firmware on an ASUS RT-AC88U router.

Connecting the Router

Using a standard ethernet cable, connect the internet ethernet port, marked with a blue planet icon, to your ISP modem or internet connection. Additionally, If you will be configuring the device from a wired device, like your PC, then connect your PC to the router with an ethernet cable into one of the yellow ports.

Connecting to the Router

Turn on the router and wait for it to boot. The first boot will take an extra long time as it initializes the settings and optimizes the USB flash drive or USB hard drive. Now is a good time to get a coffee and give it a few minutes.

After the bootup process is complete, you can connect to the router with either a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Connect your device to a LAN port (yellow ports labeled 1-8).

If you are using a wired device connected to the internal port with a ethernet cable, open a web browser and type

If you do not see the setup wizard, restart your PC or device to ensure it gets a new address from the router and try again.

If you are using a wireless device connect to the UntangleAsus wireless network using a password of 12345678

Once connected open a browser (Safari/Chrome/etc) and type in

At this point the Setup Wizard should be visible.

Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will walk you through the initial configuration of your router. Simply follow the instructions in the wizard.

However, if you are connecting with a wireless device you will lose connection to your router when you change the wireless settings (SSID/encryption/password). When this happens simply reconnect to the wireless using the new settings and open the browser to and resume the setup wizard.


After the setup wizard is complete you will need to register and then you can configure Untangle. Refer to the Untangle documentation on how to use and configure Untangle.