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Setting Description
Connectivity Test The Connectivity Test checks that your Untangle can resolve and connect to
This is an important test to establish that your WAN connections is functioning properly.
Ping Test A simple Ping utility. Enter a hostname or IP and ping away.
DNS Test A simple DNS utility. Enter a hostname and get an IP.
Connection Test The Connection Test is a very useful tool that lets you check the status of a port on a remote machine.
Enter an IP or Hostname and a Port, click Run Test, and see what happens.
Traceroute Test A Simple Traceroute utility. Enter a hostname or IP and see what's between your Untangle and the remote machine.
Packet Test The Packet Test is a very powerful troubleshooting tool. Select an Interface to listen on and a timeout value, then hit Run Test to see traffic on that interface.
You can filter by IP and/or port to, for example, check if traffic is hitting an interface or if a remote machine is answering a request.