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Untangle SD-WAN Router software downloads can be found in the table below.

Current Version

Untangle SD-WAN Router 1.2

Released on 21 April, 2020

Image Link MD5 Size
Untangle e3 sdwanrouter-e3.img.gz MD5: df69d20089c5960825de13e5614effd6 42.8 MB
Untangle e6 sdwanrouter-e6.img.gz MD5:7a12000301393b73c5bc4c26b89e23d6 122.2 MB
VMware ESXi sdwan_x86-64.vmdk 85ba428bbb9198b6c92053aefa4794b6 31.4 MB
Oracle VirtualBox sdwan_x86-64.vdi MD5: 5614717f95364f96fef108a455fa8e0c 32.5 MB
Linksys WRT1900ACS sdwan-wrt1900acs-sysupgrade.img MD5: 6542f06b40cbcc5c83fa7730cd409d5a 31.3 MB
Linksys WRT32X sdwan-wrt32x-sysupgrade.img MD5: a1e8547d651f501dee50e33d8fefcab9 24.71 MB
Linksys WRT3200ACM sdwan-wrt3200acm-sysupgrade.img MD5: f2c68de3a85684eadfcb8e8ef2f093d1 25.58 MB

Previous Versions

Untangle SD-WAN Router 1.1

Image Link MD5 Size
Untangle e3 [1] MD5: 322366817d12eb11f57e2434afeb6934 123.9 MB
Untangle e6 [2] MD5:e25dc3930c9ef7d7a5eb5ab8ab9c5c54 122.2 MB
VMware ESXi [3] 85855572f45b74f4f17bf09f26ddc10e 31.3 MB
Oracle VirtualBox [4] MD5: 7a1c7532cbe9d5864429676c662a1157 32.5 MB
Linksys WRT1900ACS [5] MD5:47d5adc0d5f51c35d41cb76bd694168b 25.8 MB
Linksys WRT32X [6] MD5:41592d745067648e0c15d210955f4dba 25.8 MB
Linksys WRT3200ACM [7] MD5: 8c436d5570df3a6223bce4cda7f6a9fa 26.7 MB