9.3.1 Changelog

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9.3.1 is a bugfix release with some other minor improvements over 9.3.0


  • Emailed report link now correctly uses settings from config->administration->public address.
  • The login and error pages now correctly support non-ascii characters
  • Enable text selection in grids
  • Allow full IP Matcher syntax in Web Filter [Lite] pass list.
  • Fixed Reports to automatically reconnect to postgres if connection is lost.
  • Fix in-memory buffering when exporting event logs.
  • Fix password reset to also remove old settings from database from 9.2 and prior.


  • Changed windows client to use a task to avoid UAC prompt/warning.
  • Fixed auto-launch on startup

Application Control

  • Updated to a newer version of the classification daemon.

Settings Changes

HTTPS administration

We changed the config->administration HTTP/HTTPS options further from the changes in 9.3.0. Now there are two options Enable Outside HTTPS and Enable Inside HTTP. On upgrade from prior versions Enable Outside HTTPS will be enabled if and only if External Administration via HTTPS was previously enabled. This means if you had *only* quarantine and reports enabled but not administration accessible prior, on upgrade the external HTTPS port will be closed. You can review/modify this setting in config->administration.

Previously there were extra options that would allow you to enable/disable certain services (admin/quarantine/reports) through the external interface. The intent was to lessen the attack vector on publicly visible services, however upon review we agreed it does not accomplish this. Given this, we felt those settings added more complications and confusion than they justified.


Expert mode installation has been hidden. Expert mode allows for users to install with a custom partitioning scheme. It was being used by users to install with incorrect partitioning schemes which would later need to reinstall with a correct partitioning scheme. It is still available by editing the boot command on install, but it is not shown as an option.


  • Add support for 2.6.32 kernel
  • Performance improvements in postgres event throughput
  • Improve refresh speed on session viewer
  • Add new Administration Alert for long event backlog