9.0.2 Changelog

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9.0.2 is a bugfix release.


  • Fixed Multi-WAN port forwarding issue (traffic now returns out same WAN)
  • Fixed Report Name Map issue (sometimes did not use the name)
  • Fixed Hosts list issue (sometimes included external IPs)
  • Fixed the WAN Balancer and WAN Failover reports to use correct name
  • Fixed the nightly report generation to overwrite manually generated partial reports
  • Fixed rsyslog issue for old machines (old machines did not have rsyslog installed)
  • Fixed "missing directory" issue with web cache causing large log files
  • Removed sa-compile at install time from Spam Blocker to speed up downloads and upgrades
  • Changed default test type of WAN Failover to ping.
  • Remove Intrusion Prevention rules 2229, 2250, 2441, 8734, 2229
  • Added new Packet Filter option call "Route all Bridge Traffic" that defaults to ON on new installs but remains off on upgrades.