9.0.0 Changelog

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9.0 contains a new IPsec application and many platform and performance enhancements.


  • New application that builds IPsec tunnels to other untangle and other third party devices. (#3158)


  • Support for up to 250 NICs (up from 7)
  • Support for IPv6 Passthrough. more information here
  • Improved syslog support (#7479)
  • SNMP extensions for the applications and the platform have been added
  • Re-Router support has been removed (#8217)
  • All PC-Remote and Remote Access Portal functionality removed (#8283)
  • Import/Export now deals with weird characters (#8462)
  • Dropped "Registration" step from setup wizard
  • Dropped ISO "branding" - md5sums will now match
  • Setup wizard now uses the current settings as defaults

Web Filter

  • Added an unblock event tab in reports (#7634)

Directory Connector

  • Record IP address in events (#8440)

Captive Portal

  • Long IP address list fix (#8448)