12.2.0 Changelog

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12.2 is a major new release. 12.2 has many usability and performance improvements.

Email Report Templates

Reports has an new templating system that allows administrators to build an email template of all their favorite reports to be sent via email. The template can include any report entry, including custom ones - text or graphical!

The charts and reports are visually identical to the online (web) report experience. Each report entry in the template is rendered and embedded in an email and sent to the users configured to receive that report. Templates can be scheduled, daily or weekly.

Custom templates and custom report entries can give very tailored experience. The default template will send summary information and a few charts for each app.

Administrators can configured a more detailed report for power users. Alternatively custom templates can be created with very specific information for interested users. For example, a simple report with a specific student's top web sites and web violations for a specific teacher.

Now the full power of Untangle reports is accessible via email.

UPnP Support

UPnP (Universal Plug-n-Play) is now supported. In Config > Network > Advanced > UPnP administrators can now enable UPnP. There is a grid to show the current UPnP forwards.

Additionally there are Access Control Rules allowing the administrator to allow UPnP for certain hosts and/or ports.

Web Filter

Web Filter now supports rules. Just like other apps, rules give the ability to do more advanced configurations. Rules allow the user to have very specific precedence and actions based on conditions. This allows for things like allowing a certain user to a specific site without using a separate policy, or blocking certain areas within a site that is allowed but whose category is blocked.

It also allows for some new conditions, like blocking based on file size and other actions that were not previously possible.

The mime-type and file-type tabs have been moved to the rules. On upgrade your existing blocked mime-type and file-types will be converted to rules.

Web Monitor

Web Monitor is a new free app! Web Monitor is for monitoring and analyzing web behavior. Web Monitor is exactly the same as Web Filter but only for monitoring web behavior.

Web Monitor has 140 categories and 500 million sites categorized. As sites are visited they are dynamically categorized using cloud-based lookups for real-time categorization. Additionally, Web Monitor categorizes HTTPS traffic using SNI and/or any certificate information.

Web Monitor has the best web categorization and analytics available and is perfect for organizations that just need to monitor web activity.

Web Filter Lite

Web Filter Lite is now deprecated. On upgrade, Web Filter Lite will still be installed for those currently using it. However, it will not be installable on new installations. It is recommended to remove Web Filter Lite and install Web Monitor.

In the next major version (v13) Web Filter Lite will be removed entirely.


Web Filter Lite has two major flaws. 1) The category database is unmaintained and only contains approximately 1 million sites. Effectively this means that the entire web gets categorized as "Uncategorized." 2) It does not handle HTTPS/SSL at all. As most of the web shifts to HTTPS, Web Filter Lite handles little modern web traffic.

Given these two flaws, Web Filter Lite has little utility in the modern web.

Web Filter Lite did provide some free functionality that is important to our "freemium" model. However, it is a poorly structured freemium as the Web Filter Lite experience is bad. It is not an effective web content filter and not indicative at all of the Web Filter experience. Not unfrequently we would hear that the "web filtering" in Untangle sucks, only to discover they were talking about Web Filter Lite instead of Web Filter. Nobody, Untangle most of all, wants an experience that is very poor. It was not a good upsell to the premium functionality and it was frustrating for users.

We wanted to maintain a freemium model, so those that truly can't pay anything still have options. Web Monitor was our ultimate solution as it provides a better experience.

It handles HTTPS and categorization is identical to Web Filter meaning the reports are just as detailed. For organizations that just want to log and monitor web activity for inappropriate or unsafe activity this serves the purpose much better than Web Filter Lite.


  • A new & more polished registration screen
  • Over 300 new application control applications (signatures)
  • The OpenVPN windows distro has been upgraded to 2.3.13 (by WebFool)
  • Public Address settings have been moved to the network settings
  • The shield has been moved to layer-3 for much better performance
  • The default captive portal page is now fully responsive
  • Virus Blocker and Virus Blocker Lite now have settings to enabled/disable cloud lookups
  • Added local_address and remote_address to sessions and session_minutes table for simpler queries
  • "hostname" is sessions and session_minute is now the hostname of the local_address regardless of session direction
  • PPPoE fixes for ARM and VLAN installations
  • added support for more VRRP aliases
  • The default admin login text on the login page can now be configured
  • The date format and number format can now be configured manually
  • Fix IPsec on ASUS/ARM
  • Removed TENMINUTE option for report entry to simplify
  • Added minimum memory requirements for some applications
  • Fix logging of shield events
  • Many more fixes!