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This page lists all of the upstream projects used by Untangle.

project name license linked modified used in URL
linux kernel GPL   yes server
debian squeeze GPL/LGPL     server
iptables GPL     server
libsysfs LGPL yes   uvm
postgres BSD     uvm
itext LGPL or MPL yes   reports
apache log4j apache yes   uvm
apache tomcat apache yes   uvm
jfreechart LGPL yes   reports
javamail Sun yes   uvm
libxml2 MIT yes   uvm
postgresJDBC BSD yes   uvm
apache ant apache yes   build
java JRE 8 GPL     uvm
clamav GPL     virus blocker
spamassassin apache     spam blocker
velocity apache     smtp-casing
bcel MPL     build
OpenVPN GPL     openvpn
Ext JS LGPL     UI
libnfnetlink GPL yes   uvm
libnetfilter_queue GPL yes   uvm
libnetfilter-conntrack GPL yes   uvm
jabsorb apache   yes UI
jradius LGPL     directory connector
python-jsonrpc LGPL   yes uvm

Many commercial applications use paid OEM technology:

  • Spam Blocker
  • Virus Blocker
  • Web Filter
  • Application Control