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About Configuration Backup

Untangle's Configuration Backup enables you to respond quickly to hardware failures and disasters (fire, storm, etc).

Each night, your Untangle Server uses a phone-home feature to request a nightly backup. Upon request from your Untangle Server, Untangle Network's data center performs a backup of your server's configuration, with the exception of report data. The Untangle Server's interface shows you what day and time the backup event occurred and if the backup was successful or unsuccessful.

The Configuration Backup module is included with all Packages except for the Lite Package. It is also bundled with Live Support, which is available as an à la carte item.

Please note that Configuration Backup is not active unless it appears in your rack and its power light is green.


The Status tab will inform you of the last successful backup - there are no settings.

Google Connector

If Google Connector is enable in Directory Connector then configuration backup can upload your backup to Google Drive periodically.

  • Upload to Google Drive If enabled, your backup will be uploaded to Google Drive in addition to your account
  • Google Drive Directory configures which subdirectory backups will be uploaded to in google drive.

Configuration Backup Reports

The Reports tab provides a view of all reports and events for Configuration Backup


This applications reports can be accessed via the Reports tab at the top or the Reports tab within the settings. All pre-defined reports will be listed along with any custom reports that have been created.

Reports can be searched and further defined using the time selectors and the Conditions window at the bottom of the page. The data used in the report can be obtained on the Current Data window on the right.

Pre-defined report queries:

Report Entry Description
Configuration Backup Summary A summary of configuration backup actions.
Backup Usage (all) The amount of successes, and failures of configuration backup over time.
Backup Usage (success) The amount of successful configuration backups over time.
Backup Usage (failed) The amount of failed configuration backups over time.
Backup Events All Configuration Backup events.

The tables queried to render these reports:

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Live Support

Configuration Backup FAQs

How do I know if my Untangle is performing backups?

The Status tab of Configuration Backup lists the last successful backup; you can also use the Event Log to see past backup attempts and their results.

How do I retrieve backups?

Just log into your account at, click My Subscriptions, then View Backups for that particular server. Backup filenames start with the date (DD-MM-YYYY*).

How do I manually perform a backup?

After logging into Untangle, you can go to Config > System > Backup. It's best to bring up the Untangle's GUI from another PC, that way you can download the backup directly to another system.

When I click View Backups, it tells me none are available, why is this?

There are a few causes for this issue:

  • You just installed and Untangle has not performed its first nightly backup.
  • You don't have Configuration Backup installed and turned on.
  • There is a configuration issue (DNS, etc) and your box cannot talk to our backup servers.

Please contact Untangle Support and we can help you troubleshoot the problem.

How do I restore a backup?

After logging into Untangle, you can go to Config > System > Restore. It's best to bring up the Untangle's GUI from another PC, that way you can restore the backup directly from another system.

Can I restore from a different version's backup, such as using a v8.1 backup with an Untangle running v9.0.1?

We officially support restoring backups within the same version, e.g. using a v9.2 backup with another v9.2 server, however users have reported that older backups do restore to the newer versions. It should be ok as long as you stay within one major revision, e.g. using a v9.1 backup with a v9.2 system. When switching to new hardware, we recommend upgrading the old hardware to match the version running on the new hardware before backing up and restoring between them.