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Administration FAQs

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How do I reset the admin password?

If you forgot the password for default Administrator's account, you can reset it. For instructions, read the Console documentation.

How do I get to the Administrative Web UI?

You can administer the Untangle Server using one of two methods:

  • Connect directly using a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Connect remotely using a browser.

For instructions, check the Console documentation.

Why does it take so long to load the Administrative UI in my browser?

The first time the Administrative UI is launched, it downloads several files. These files are then cached (left) on the machine to reduce start time on subsequent restarts.

How do I clear the Event logs?

Event logs for all Untangle modules have a lifespan of one month. The easiest way to clear the logs is to do a backup and restore. This empties the event database, but retains all settings.

Can I use Remote Administration on both of my WAN connections?

No. Remote Administration will only function on your primary WAN connection.

If I have WAN Failover and my primary connection goes down, will Remote Administration work on the secondary WAN?

No. Because Remote Administration only functions on the primary WAN, even with WAN Failover if the primary WAN is down you will not be able to remotely administer your Untangle server until that connection comes back up.

Do I need to buy another certificate now that I am using multiple WAN connections?

Only if the additional external WAN connection(s) would be used for an additional domain name. If you are only using one domain name, your existing certificate is all you need.

My Old server crashed, or moving to a different HW, what is the best policy?

If your HW crashed, or you are moving to a new HW, here are some helpful tips.

1) Have your old server UID and the new server UID handy. If your HW crashed, it is tough to get the key, however you can login to, login with your store credentials, left hand side, my subscriptions. You should see all your subscriptions with UID.

2) Having a configuration backup of your old server (if you are planning on restoring from it) would be a good idea. (config, system, backup) Or if you have the Configuration Backup installed, support can provide the backup config file.

3) Install the latest Untangle software on the new server.

4) Do the subscription transfer from the old server UID to the new server UID in your store account.

5) Install apps and configure as desired or do the configuration restore if you want to restore the settings from the old box. (config, system, restore)