9.2.1 Changelog

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9.2.1 is a bugfix release with some usability improvements


  • Added an "automatic upgrades" setting question in setup wizard.
  • Added "administrator alerts" for common misconfigurations in UI.
  • Change setup wizard to auto-run connectivity test
  • Remove extra "My Account" button.


  • Fix RSA cert import issue
  • Fix CSR generation issue
  • Change implicit right side anchor in URLMatcher so it does not ignore arguments
  • Rearrange app order slightly so Web Filter mostly blocks before Application Control.
  • Automatically detect garbage collection failure
  • Improve garbage collection parameters for large servers.
  • Improve database performance for large datasets (reduce pool size)
  • If duplicate apps are installed, show them all in UI (instead of hiding the dupes)

Virus Blocker

  • Moved to v5 of the virus engine, fixes multiple bugs

Application Control

  • Add "tarpit" ability in applications tab
  • Add "Top Bandwidth Applications" and "Top Bandwidth Protochains" to reports.

WAN Balancer

  • Fix issue with sometimes sending return traffic on incorrect WAN
  • Fix issue with catching intra-LAN traffic

WAN Failover

  • Fix issue with a test sometimes incorrectly failing


  • Fix inconsistent connectivity issue due to querying openvpn daemon frequently.

Spam Blocker & Spam Blocker Lite

  • Fix issue with UI properly setting "Drop"

Web Filter

  • Fix "Youtube for Schools" argument handling